Sanjeev Jaiswal

Place: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Sanjeev Jaiswal hails from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. After spending a few years doing theatre in Delhi, he is a currently doing a small role in a TV show.Sanjeev Jaiswal is playing... Complete: Sanjeev Jaiswal Biography
Release Date : 01 Mar 2013
Release Date : 01 Mar 2013
Release Date : 19 Oct 2012

Sanjeev Jaiswal - User Comments

  • sachin a year ago


  • luvina a year ago

    The movie was awesome because of u, u are like ajmal kasab u did ur role well expecting more movies from u the hanging scene was very touching for me I hope that u will receive best newcomer award, best of luck good job I am a fan of u from chennai

  • vidhi a year ago

    U actually look like Kasab... gud job all the best.. :)

  • saurabh a year ago

    Its a very good role you played in the movie. Hats off for that and more over we all came to know that how is systematic brain washing done in Pakistan to produce terrorists... Its a shameful thing that young guys are taught in such a way and you displayed that very well in the movie. I wish I could meet you some day and would like to thank you, Nana Patekarji and of course RGV to make us aware of the attacks of 26/11. It wouldn,t have been possible for the people to know that how and why this happened!!!

  • saba a year ago

    great actor really wonderful job which u was did i salute u dear....... movei ko dekh kar aisa lag raha tha jaise ke sach me wo hadse hamare nazar ke samne ho rahe hain kasab ke character me to aapne sach me jaan daal di amazing work...........

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