Ramesh Aravind

Birthday: (Age 49) Bangalore
Ramesh Aravind is a popular Kannada,Telugu and Tamil movie actor. He is one of the most versatile actors in Kannada, who has also acted in few Tamil movies. He had his... Complete: Ramesh Aravind Biography
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Uthama Villain
Release Year : 2014
Release Date : Aug 2015
Release Date : Sep 2015
He Sarasu ( Kannada )
Release Date : Oct 2015
Thunthuru ( Kannada )
Release Date : Aug 2015
Prema Kutumba ( Kannada )
Release Date : Sep 2015

Ramesh Aravind - User Comments

  • siddaraju 8 months ago

    Adavance happy b'day

  • suma 9 months ago

    Mr.Ramesh, I'm born n brought up in Karnataka and always had good impression about your movies. No doubt you are a very good actor. But your movie Mangana Kaili...is really a very disappointing one. My heart is really crying since the day I saw the movie about 4 days back.. What is happening to our kannada movies ? Please at least you stop acting in such FILTHY movie. Be choosy for the sake of your dear people who gave you so much respect,love and fame. I always had thought Ramesh is in the movie means its a complete family entertaing movie. And the whole family can watch together without any embarrassment. But this one and few of your latest movies...Please don't act in such movies for the sake of money or helping one producer or director. What language has been used in this movie? FILTHY man. Absolutely filthy. Who accepts toilet talks or scenes as jokes or comedy ? Not even slum people. I don't know whom to write. I request you to pass this to them, Movies are replica of our culture. You people are showing it on a big screen to the whole world. You such great actors should encourage people to be more polished through your gifted skill of acting. Please convey this to Mr.Rangayana Raghu too. He to is such wonderful actor, his acting skill has been killed in the movie. I don't how they gave such good review about the movie in the news paper. Please Ramesh, think once before accepting any offer, We have got very few sensible actors, Please don't act in the movies which you don't prefer your family to watch or your children to talk. PLease it's just a request. You people have so much influence on the common people and yougsters not just in the field of fashion even in the behaviour. That's why Dr.Raj kumar was given a god's status in the kannada movie field. I don't think even in your house any one like to hear someone talk about toilet so loosely. My stomach was churning for 24 hours after watching movie. I think in this way remake movies are good bet since we don't have good kannada stories to give people ?!? Very sad.

  • pavana a year ago

    All the best ramesh sir for ur up cominng movies...m a huge fan of urs.. :) keep rocking...

  • amulya 2 years ago

    Many Many more happy returns of the day Ramesh:)

  • sanju 2 years ago

    good acter & nice very jentle man

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