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Nithya Santhoshini

Release Date : 04 Sep 2016
Ratnavali ( Telugu )
Release Date : 04 Sep 2016
Satruvu ( Telugu )
Release Date : 24 Jan 2013
Rajendra ( Telugu )
Release Date : 23 Dec 2011

Nithya Santhoshini - User Comments

  • ramachandra a year ago

    Namaste Madam. I thank you for rendering 9 Jayadeva Ashtapadis without leaving a single stanza which no other artist has done. I literally have become addicted to them. Your voice with a slight tinge of melacholiness is so sweet. I request you to kindly render all other 15 ashtapadis without leaving a single stanza in the same melodious voice. Thank you Dr.Ramachandra

  • ramachandra a year ago

    Madam, I am extremely thankful to you for rendering jayadeva ashtapadis 9 tracks without leaving a single stanza which no other artist has done. Today unfortunately I have become so addicted to your ashtapadis that not even a single day passes without listening to them. It is not an exaggeration that I wake up with your ashtapadis, travel to my office listening to them, carry out my experiments in lab listening to them, travel back to home listening to them and finally slip into deep sleep listening to them. I sincerely request you to kindly render all the balance 15 ashtapadis without leaving a single stanza and release the album at the earliest. No one can put a price to your priceless voice. The way Jayadeva's lyrics roll down from your sweet voice with slight melancholy tinge, they really take me to a different world. Once again I thank you for producing such a melodious album. Dr.Ramachandra DGM

  • srinivas 2 years ago

    You can contact Mr.sriniva on Cell:9848161306, Hyd

  • srinivas 2 years ago

    The audio CD in MP3 format will be with Mr.Srinivas,Cell:9848161306, Hyd, Pl contact.

  • tejaswi 2 years ago

    hello sathoshini garu i am a student of engineering . i heard your lalitha charitham .it was excellent. pls tell me where i can find it either lyrics or audio.pls madam give reply if u see this.........

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