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Aaha Entha Andam ( Telugu )
Release Date : 14 May 2010
Aarumaname ( Tamil )
Release Date : 31 Jul 2009
Release Date : 20 Mar 2009

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Nicole Comments

  • actress-nicole a year ago

    My email address is email me anytime.

  • mak 3 years ago

    u r my dream girl.i never ever seen before beauty like u.ur smile r so cute.

  • babak-golbaharan 3 years ago

    me,,,me,,,me!!!!!hey again buddy!!!!!how is it goin???you look put on fat abit though!!!!!where is idiot brother of yours by the way???????hey so good to see you,,,doin great...!!!!stay in touch

  • bahar 4 years ago

    Hello i want actress nicole Full Biography(Date of birth and Family and ...),and email address.Please send me in My E-mail Address:()

  • abhi 5 years ago

    hiiiii i like u'r preetyface ,but i lov u'r body

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Nicole Comments

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