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Monica or Monika (born Rekha Maruthiraj) is an Indian film actress, who stars predominantly in Tamil language films. A child actor in the early 1990s, she mostly appeared... Complete: Monica Biography
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Release Date : Feb 2016
Release Date : 14 Jul 2016
Release Date : 23 Aug 2017
Scam ( Telugu )
Release Date : 23 Aug 2017
Fire ( Telugu )
Release Date : 14 Jul 2016
Chandravamsha ( Kannada )
Release Date : Feb 2016

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Monica Comments

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  • mudassir 4 years ago

    nic pic

  • shankar 4 years ago

    Hai Monica.... You Like Like Very Nice ya .........

  • ramu 4 years ago

    can i get your contact no

  • ricky 4 years ago

    u r my sexy girl girl...i love very much send ur id

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Monica Comments

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