Mayur Patel

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Release Date : May 2014
Release Date : Sep 2015
Mojugara Mava Sogasugara Aliya
Release Date : Oct 2015
Sukumar ( Telugu )
Release Date : 04 Jul 2016
Passenger ( Kannada )
Release Date : Sep 2015

Mayur Patel - User Comments

  • ramya-verma a year ago

    plz...look at ur self in mirror,..frm which angle do u look like hero hah??? no wonder kannada industry is like this,..ur no good to be a hero and ur dad is no good to be a politician,.. wats his(madhan patel) qualification??? bcoz of ppl like him karnataka state is also drowning,..and politics is become like a place o f shit,..thooo... both of u plz quit,..

  • rohini 2 years ago

    F.O. modalu life sari maadko aamele movies maduvanthe,...u BASTARD,...donno for how many u are born,..ur character is reflecting it...thoooo... DABBA NANNA MAGANE...

  • siri 2 years ago

    ballzzzzzz ...to u and ur movies....u bastard...F.O. u rotten charactered big flop actor...hell fr u...

  • samudra 2 years ago

    first loose weight,... i pitty ur producers for investng on u,...lol,...they will definitely shift to slum,..specially ur slum producer,..nd may be even u sooonnnnn,..

  • ramya 3 years ago

    love da way u r n ur acting ur jus too amazing :D

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