Mandya Ramesh

Love Show ( Kannada )
Release Date : 14 Mar 2014
Release Date : 18 Feb 2011
Kalla Malla Sulla ( Kannada )
Release Date : 16 Sep 2011

Mandya Ramesh - User Comments

  • drama-lover 2 years ago

    Mandya Ramesh is good actor having potentiality to be a performer. Good directors should use him recognise his potentiality. He comes from Nataka Rangabhoomi. Looking at status of kannada film industry a feeling comes he should not leave rangabhoomi where he can shine still better. Audiences of kannda film have taste but not refined taste. People who love Good Drama are his audiences. Good taste kannda Commercial movies are not coming for elite audiences where he can shine. Norman wisdom ,Henry fonda, Lakshmikanth Berde, Charles chaplin, Anantha Nag, Mr Amitabh Bachhan , Sanjeev kumar, Nana patekar, Naseeruddin shaw, are some of them to whose stage he may raise given the opportunity.

  • bhsrao 3 years ago

    I liked your speech in PES College,Mandya

  • umesh 3 years ago

    i love you ramesh is tha best actor

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