Lukas Haas

Birthday: 16 APR
Birthday: (Age 38) West Hollywood, California
Born Name: Lukas Daniel Haas Lukas Daniel Haas is an American  actor, known for roles both as a child and as an adult. His career has spanned more than 20 years during... Complete: Lukas Haas Biography
Jobs ( English )
Release Date : 16 Aug 2013
Contraband ( English )
Release Date : 26 Jan 2012
Crazy Eyes ( English )
Release Year : 2011

Lukas Haas - User Comments

  • lee 3 years ago

    have tried to find the movie Testament staring jason robards,jane alazander and lucas hass.its an old movie.lucas was just a child.also the movie LADY IN WHITE, again he was just a child but i have like every movie since then that he has played in.

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