Kalaranjini is a South Indian actress. She started her career in the early 1980s. She is the elder sister of actress Urvashi. She is a classical dancer. Complete: Kalaranjini Biography
Release Date : 27 Feb 2012
Release Date : 29 Jul 2011
Cocoon ( Malayalam )
Release Date : Sep 2011

Kalaranjini - User Comments

  • thomas-stephen 4 years ago

    Hello Ranjini, I do not remember the names of the pictures I have seen with you acting in it but all of them surely have been very attarctive, in your talent ( as happy, sad, angry, jealous , as a villanous charecter etc)which had a wide range. Apart from that , even your looks are way above most of the actresses even now . I always had you as one of the best 5 acresses in Malayalam film industry and it is now only that I get a chance like this to express it. I feel nice to be Fan No 1 in this fan club. Wish you all the best in your life and may you have all the happiness you missed in your life , in the days to come . last but not the least, I hope you will, unlike most stars, keep the flow of communication steady . Please mail me on , if you feel like .

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