Hayden Christensen

Birthday: 19 APR
Birthday: (Age 32) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hayden Christensen born in April 19, 1981 is a Canadian actor. He appeared in Canadian television programs when he was young, then diversified into American television in the... Complete: Hayden Christensen Biography
Release Date : 18 Feb 2011
Release Date : 22 Jan 2010
Takers ( English )
Release Date : 27 Aug 2010

Hayden Christensen - User Comments

  • ruth-and-rudie 4 years ago

    We both love Hayden,his acting, his laugh, his walk, everything. Of course we realize we will never meet him or anything but DO enjoy seeing him on screen, he lights it up! We all ready have 6 movies on DVD that he's made and we watch them all the time so when a new one comes out we will be at the theatre everyday it plays. We just can't get enough of watching him act! We will be going to see "Takers" just to see Hayden on screen again!

  • meera-balaji-india 5 years ago

    Hayden is just mindblowing,cute,hot.His charm can sweep any kind of girl off his feet.You are cool.

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