Fahad Fazil

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Release Year : 2014
Release Year : 2014
Release Date : 04 May 2014
God's Own Country ( Malayalam )
Release Date : Feb 2015
Vambathi ( Malayalam )
Release Date : 14 Mar 2015
Kappa Pappadam ( Malayalam )
Release Date : Feb 2015

Fahad Fazil - User Comments

  • jomi 8 months ago

    actually... dulquer has to go a long way to achieve that crafty expressions on his face as aamir do.. fahaad is the most promising of all young malu actors. nivin pauly succeeds him..

  • jomi 8 months ago

    He is the most promising of all young mallu actors..

  • jasros 9 months ago

    you are just kidilan.your father was one of my fav director just as now u bacame my fav actor....may god bless you...one wish...u and father make a come bac together...with somthing different...

  • achu 9 months ago

    aamir kah is a great actor dnt harss him in way putting unworthy dulkr as his role!!!!! dq is far from acting excellence!! fahad is better

  • harish 12 months ago

    I really hope they do a Malayalam remake of Dil Chahta Hai. With Fahad Fazil, Dulqar Salman and Nivin Pauly in the lead. Fahad should play Akshay Khanna's role, Nivin should play Said Ali Khan's and Dulqar Salman should play Aamir Khan's... This would be awesome!

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