Delnaz Paul

Delnaaz Paul (nee Irani) is an Indian actress born on September 4. She has acted in both Bollywood  movies and Hindi television serials. She has also acted in over... Complete: Delnaz Paul Biography
Yeh Dooriyan ( Hindi )
Release Date : 26 Aug 2011
Utt Pataang ( Hindi )
Release Date : 04 Feb 2011
Release Date : 24 Dec 2010

Delnaz Paul - User Comments

  • alka-jaiswal a year ago

    i lov delnaz she is beautiful in the world

  • alka-jaiswal a year ago

    ilov delnaz she is beautiful in the world

  • delu 2 years ago

    Delnaz u r a swt heart...

  • siddharth-jain 2 years ago

    she looks cool & calm very sweet she is my faveret one

  • devdas 2 years ago

    looking at Delnaz's smiling face always makes me happy and brightens the atmosphere

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