Cam Gigandet

Trespass ( English )
Release Date : 14 Oct 2011
The Roommate ( English )
Release Date : 04 Feb 2011
Burlesque ( English )
Release Date : 28 Jan 2011

Cam Gigandet - User Comments

  • arlene 3 years ago

    Hi I Think you are very atractive and enjoyd youre caracter very much.I like youre eyes and im not gouing to lie but you have a great body and a cute butt.

  • marka 5 years ago

    omg , i like totally love you . You are SO HOT ! and soo amazing :) .I want to meet you but i think it's impossoble because i'm not from US :( :'(.

  • lizzie 5 years ago

    I liked the way you acted in the movie.I fell in love with your character named James.You were so good in the movie.

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