Avanthika Mohan

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8: 20
Release Date : 04 May 2014
Vundhile Manchi Kalam Mundu Munduna
Release Date : 04 Oct 2017
Release Date : 04 Oct 2017
8: 20 ( Malayalam )
Release Date : 04 May 2014
Mr. Bean ( Malayalam )
Release Date : 21 Jun 2013

Avanthika Mohan - User Comments

  • Justin George 2weeks ago

    I saw your movie 'crocodile love story'. It was hilarious and interesting. But I liked your character in 'Yakshi faithfully yours' better.

  • Justin George 2weeks ago

    I watched your movie 'yakshi faithfully yours' 2 days ago. I was struck by your acting and beauty. Especially those green eyes. OMG! Do you actually have green eyes or was it just for the movie? I haven't watched 'crocodile love story' but will watch soon. Waiting for ur upcoming movies. Wishing you all success.

  • Jul Khan 4 months ago

    All the best just now watched ur movies crocodile love story , u acted very well and ur beautfull , and simple girl .

  • sajil-subramanian 9 months ago

    i like ur simple look , wish u a great future

  • avanthikka 9 months ago

    Thanks Aparna my next Malayalam movie is 8:20 and mercury, Tamil movie is Shukradashai

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