Armaan Kohli

Armaan Kohli  is an Indian film actor, son of Rajkumar Kohli, the producer and director. Armaan was set to star in Deewana but walked out after completing the first... Complete: Armaan Kohli Biography
Loc - Kargil ( Hindi )
Release Date : 26 Dec 2003

Armaan Kohli - User Comments

  • Haroon 5 months ago


  • gini 6 months ago

    shameless idiot person.. egoist flop actor just flying on his family money and repo..

  • banu 6 months ago

    armaan u r the strong contestant keep going

  • sona-banerjee 7 months ago

    I love u armaan ji

  • pooja 7 months ago

    Armann you are the most disrespectful man ever...you have no shame and no hart for anyone... He is the jealous and ill natured man ever....

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