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Anupam Kher

Birthday: (Age 69) Shimla
Anupam Kher (Hindi: अनुपम खेर) is an acclaimed actor in Hindi films in India. He has acted in many successful Bollywood films, and has worked in several... Complete: Anupam Kher Biography
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The Desire
Release Year : 2014
Excuse Me, Please
Release Year : 2014
Release Year : 2015
Mungilal Rocks ( Hindi )
Release Date : Mar 2016
Release Year : 2016
Durbar ( Hindi )
Release Year : 2015

Anupam Kher - User Comments

  • Mr Pratap Parmar 5 months ago

    Hi Anupam kherji, Happy Birthday and Forget the past, look forward to the future for the best things are yet to come.

  • ayesha-mirza 2 years ago

    Dear Sir; ANUPAM KHER ji; HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU - MAY YOU HAVE MANY JOYOUS B'DAYS WITH YOUR NEAR DEAR LOVED ONES AND ENJOYED YOUR CHARACTER IN SPECIAL 26 too. Regards :-) P.S. ahaan ahaan ahaan; all time memorable is ofcourse DWDLJ of KJ and Doc. DAN one opposite sir Dilip ji; :-) Pakistan-Karachi-Muslim

  • avtar-k-raina 3 years ago

    Dear Anupam Ji, Greatly saddened by the news about Puhkar nath ji. Hope he had a peaceful end. We have met but once at Mohan ji's house at Nai Sadak, but the association with Benjigar (Your Grandma) and Babu ji while they were staying with Brij Nath Ji at Match Factory, Baramula was more regular and intimate. My father, Pt. Shamboo nath Razdan was posted there. My grandma and yours were cousins.

  • janardhan-prasad 3 years ago

    Hello Sir, Happy Birthday To You

  • raj 3 years ago

    wish you a happy birthday

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