Anuja Iyer

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Kadhal 2 Kalyanam
Release Date : 13 Dec 2014
Release Date : 07 Jun 2016
Shakini ( Telugu )
Release Date : 07 Jun 2016
Release Date : 13 Dec 2014
Vinmeengal ( Tamil )
Release Date : 16 Mar 2012

Anuja Iyer - User Comments

  • eyelash-extension-chennai 2 years ago

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  • ram 2 years ago

    I love you anuja

  • anita-balan 2 years ago

    Hey!!! i like your films even if you arn´t in the lead roles... Pls have more films in Tamil. mabye two in a year. And happy birthday(->29.02.2012)...great how old are you know?

  • karthi 3 years ago

    As a fan i ask u one thng.i wnt more photos from u.....

  • karthi 3 years ago

    you look preety gorgeous and sexy tooo...

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