Anjana Sowmya

Release Date : 20 May 2014
Release Date : 14 Sep 2015
Love College
Release Date : 05 Apr 2016
Monagadu ( Telugu )
Release Date : 04 Jul 2016
Love College ( Telugu )
Release Date : 05 Apr 2016
Ratnavali ( Telugu )
Release Date : 04 Sep 2016

Anjana Sowmya - User Comments

  • guest 9 months ago

    senseless being nee message nee charecter ni theliyachesthundi edo oka roju nuvvu chesinadaniki anubhavisthavu

  • anonymous a year ago

    Hello Mr/ Ms lapaki...Its really worst on ua part to use cheap language online...Anjana is undoubtedly one of the best singers and a beautiful woman.It is better to keep quiet than to open filthy mouth and express that u lack not only music sense but also common sense...

  • sri 2 years ago

    hi anju ur voice is super nd it look like late swarna latha voice, nd personally i like u very much ur hair is awesome keep maintain it k love u takecare

  • lapaki 2 years ago

    na modda gudu

  • rajendra 2 years ago

    Your voice is superb as like your personality.

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