Anjali Lavania

Birthday: (Age 30) Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Anjali Lavania (born May 15 1984) is an Indian model and film actress. She is making her acting debut in 2011. Career Anjali Lavania was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra,... Complete: Anjali Lavania Biography
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Panjaa ( Telugu )
Release Date : 09 Dec 2011

Anjali Lavania - User Comments

  • kirsha 2 years ago

    hiiii i am big fan you r big beauty

  • shiva 2 years ago

    sexy lips

  • ashok 2 years ago

    Hai Anjali you are awsome.

  • suni-b-n 3 years ago

    Hi Dear. u loooooooooook toooooooo sexy

  • rasiklal 3 years ago

    hairs, bosoms, legs, lips, nose, eyes, laps all features r competing with each other.

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