Alexx O Nell

Birthday: (Age 34)
Alexx O'Nell is an American actor and musician who is based in India and has appeared in numerous films and television programs in English and Indian languages. O'Nell began... Complete: Alexx O Nell Biography
Chittagong ( Hindi )
Release Date : 12 Oct 2012
Release Date : 31 Aug 2011
Release Date : 09 Jul 2010

Alexx O Nell - User Comments

  • sara-violette 3 years ago

    acting in jhansi Ki Rani as Ellis is super.your way of showing respect to maharani which was told by herself made me laugh

  • priya 4 years ago

    hai alex u r acting in madrasapattinam is amazing . Keep acting in tamil film.der r somany fans 4 u waiting 4 ur movies.all the best 4 ur future projects.

  • veera 4 years ago

    hai Alexx... You show the great talent in madharasapattinam... U look very handsome.............

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