Aishwarya Majmudar

Birthday: (Age 20)
Aishwarya Majmudar (born October 5, 1993), living in Ahmedabad, India, is a sixteen year old singing prodigy. She was awarded a title of "Chhote Ustaad" on 5 April... Complete: Aishwarya Majmudar Biography
Release Date : 06 Feb 2009

Aishwarya Majmudar - User Comments

  • parag 7 months ago

    Happy Birthday Dear!!!

  • maulik-vadnagara 2 years ago

    Aishwarya is a very nice singer in allover world.. She is awesome !!!!!

  • rukshana 2 years ago

    hi cuty :-) u r one of the best voice of india .... i salute u gujrati girl !!

  • samir 2 years ago


  • tushar-prajapati 2 years ago

    hi aishwarya i like ur personality nd luking so gud nd ur singing style

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