Short Kut - The Con Is On (U/A)

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Release Date:
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Cast :
Akshaye Khanna
as Shekhar
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Arshad Warsi
as Raju
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Story :
Short Kut - The Con is On is remake of Malayalam movie Udayananu Tharam. The movie revolves around the story of two strugglers,
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Short Kut - The Con Is On Review


Till quite some time back, remaking a successful film was considered a safe bet. In fact, the most reliable, foolproof way at hitting paydirt. But let's not forget, not all stories have the potential to strike gold. Short Kut, a remake of the Malayalam film Udayananu Thanam, written by Anees...

Short Kut - The Con Is On User Review


Short Kut - The Con Is On User Comments

  • viny 5 years ago

    wow dint know this was a remake of Bowfinger...one of my favourites. but i am sure this movie will not be anywhere close to the original...you guys gotta check out the original Bowfinger - its hilarious (steve martin & eddie murphy are a class)

  • rhfh 5 years ago

    amrita is sizzling...

  • mina 5 years ago

    i would luv to c akshay's performance, he is dashing

  • gunjan 5 years ago

    u r looking cool in the this film i want to meet u as asoon as possible

  • sila 5 years ago

    I can´t wait on this new movie from Amrita Rao. I like you scene performace on the TV so much. Good Luck...

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