RAJJO Reviews


Was Kangna Ranaut desperate for work, or was she offered heaps of money...not sure what tempted this talented actress to take up a film such as Rajjo!

Rajjo is boring, unconvincing and seems like a lot of figments patched up together to bring out a haphazard product! Missing your headaches for a long time? Then go and watch Rajjo!


Vishwas Patil probably had a heart-wrenching story, but he's unable he exploit his cast well, or narrate a tale that's coherent, consistent or engaging. Randomness rules!

Events unfold - forced and futile. Dialogues with zero-impact (some laughable) find their way into this mehfil of mess. Well, the social message is good, but Rajjo's trials and tragedies don't evoke a tear of emotion or grief. Most of all, the direction, execution and music is stuck in bygone era.

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