PK (PeeKay)

PK (PeeKay)

Release Date:
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Cast :
Aamir Khan
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Anushka Sharma
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Story :
PK (PeeKay) movie will be a political satire, hitting out at corruption in the country. Aamir will play an alcoholic social
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PK (PeeKay) Review

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PK (PeeKay) User Comments

  • sachin 8 months ago

    I strongly agree with you Manav / sushant. . . .

  • sushant 10 months ago

    No doubt amir sir is the best actor in bollywood. His upcomming movie dhoom-3 play a very great role.but peekay gives a oskar award to amir hope so. I pray to god from my delight heart

  • manisingh a year ago

    This could be Money, Acting, Entertainment, Grosser two of the TiTans eagerly waitin....

  • imtiyaz-mohammed a year ago

    The master Hero is in the movie. Then surely it will be superhit as always. Because he knows the meaning of acting & father of all actors in the industry. The one and only Aamir Khan

  • imtiyaz-mohammed a year ago

    Dear all. If the father of all actor is in the movie than no matters what is the name of movie , How heroine performed in the movie. The one and Only AAMIR KHAN. The greatest Actor in the world.

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