Karan Arjun

  (4 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Action - Drama
Language: Hindi
Cast :
Salman Khan
as Arjun Singh/Vijay
Vote (252)      Vote (91)
Shahrukh Khan
as Karan Singh/Ajay
Vote (278)      Vote (113)


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Story :
Karan Arjun is the story of ultimate patience and absolute belief. Rakhee is the mother of Karan & Arjun, who are killed by

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Karan Arjun User Review


One word which describes the entire film is, "Outstanding", this film is totally perfect in all respects. Acting done by all the actors are spectacular. Roles performed by "Shahrukh" and "Salman" are brilliant, "Rakhee" as in their mother role is superb on the other hand Late "Ambrish Puri" is...

Karan Arjun User Comments

  • milind 5 years ago

    This is one of my favorite movie and genuinely a very very meaningful movie. Its not a drama movie this is the film which teaches us that how much power is in faith, belief and love & if we have these qualities then nothing in this world is impossible for us. Because of this film these true feelings were generated in the heart of each viewer and this was the reason behind the huge success of this film that it was covered 50 weeks in the Indian cinema houses. It is one of the biggest successful film of all the actors who had acted in it.

  • jkkjo 5 years ago

    nice movie

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