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Dam 999

  (1 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Thriller
Language: Hindi
Cast :
Barry John
Vote (202)      Vote (6)
Rajit Kapoor
Vote (433)      Vote (5)


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Story :
Dam999 movie revolves around the central edifice in this movie, a 100 year old Dam built by British during their colonial days in
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Dam 999 Review

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Dam 999 User Review


First of all....let me tell you.... If you are expecting visual effects like '2012', please don't watch this movie... If you expect the thrill of a chaotic situation as like in,'Armageddon', don't watch this movie....
If you expect the tragicness of a disaster situation as like in,'The day...

Dam 999 User Comments

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Dam 999 Comments

  • paul 3 years ago

    think well before you speak . its all about politicians have made mistakes. Its not good to speak about all tamilians. We too care very much for the people. I also support kearalites......try to be good

  • shruti 3 years ago

    It is Kerala's land and Kerala's water. I don't understand what is TN's right even to make a decision about the new dam. For 300 bucks, 1 pint brandy and a cheap saree they will vote for this dumb woman again if they are still alive

  • tarak 3 years ago

    goverments should take immediate measures in mullaiperiar dam issue. don't seek political advantage with mullaiperiar dam by both goverments in india. survival of people in both states are equally important. there will be some anti social elements who take unnecessary advantage on this issue. don't divert from the serious issue doing unwanted movements against each other where a dam is essential for people in tamil nadu and Kerala. if both governments cannot take a suitable solution then seek better solutions from expert individuals across the oceans.

  • sant 3 years ago

    let ppl of kerala live in danger!!

  • purushothaman 3 years ago

    eh bloody you are the fools and trying to make us fools. the dam is constructed to cater the irrigational needs of southern tamilnadu for 1000 yrs. your kerala govt has wrong attitude and selfishness.

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