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BAJATEY RAHO is quite entertaining with an absorbing second half. Decent entertainer!


A film without star-power depends largely on convincing performances. Dolly Ahluwalia, on a roll since Vicky Donor, is adept as are Ravi Kishan, Tusshar, Ranveer and Vinay.

The film is one of those of linear, comic capers with a slight drama that makes you smile, though the situations and characters are cliched.

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Bajatey Raho is the kind of muddled Mumbai movie that the Bollywood cognoscenti can spot from miles away: it whips up a whole lot of cacophony without making too much sense.

Bajatey Raho does not play it right. Off-key and overly contrived, it is a pretty ordinary effort that is not even mildly engaging.

Bajatey Raho does give us a few chuckles even while delivering a rap on the knuckle to the naqalchi wannabe rich middle-class in Delhi. This is a dig at the Gurgaon quick-rich culture. But the taunt gets lost in an aimless jaunt.

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