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Madhubala, the 'Marilyn Monroe' of India: See Rare and Unseen Pictures

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Updated: Friday, October 4, 2013, 10:12 [IST]

Madhubala, who was born as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi on February 14, 1933, was one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. In fact, it wouldn't be incorrect to call her the 'Marilyn Monroe' of India. Whether it is the looks or her personal life which was filled with pain, hardship and tragedy...Madhubala resembled the Hollywood blonde in more than one way.

Here are five facts and trivia that you might not have known about the 'Black and White' era queen, Madhubala.....

1) While describing Madhubala's beauty, actor Minu Mumtaz once said, "Her complexion was so fair and translucent that when she ate paan you could almost see the red colour going down her throat."

2) Madhubala's father Ayatollah Khan was very strict and hence the actress was rarely seen at parties, premieres, picnics, races or film festivals. She kept to herself and mingled only with her colleagues at the studio.

3) Madhubala began working at a very tender age and never went to school. She spoke Pashtu at home but could not speak a word of English.

4) She obeyed her father without a question, thereby ruining her freedom, space and life. Her highly emotional nature added to her disaster.

5) Dilip Kumar was head over heels in love with Madhubala. However, her father disapproved of him. In fact, he even went to court once to stop them on an outdoor location for Naya Daur.

Click on the slider below to see rare and unseen pictures of Madhubala and to know more trivia about this mysterious beauty.


It's said that at one time, Madhubala owned 18 dogs!


Madhubala's first movie Basant (1942) was a Box-Office success. She played the role of the daughter of the popular actress Mumtaz Shanti.


Madhubala was found to have a heart problem after she coughed up blood in 1950. She was born with a ventricular septal defect or "hole in the heart".


Madhubala's family was very protective of her due to her ill health and hence she ate only home-prepared food and drunk water only from a specific well. This was to minimise risks of infection.


This is a rare colour picture  of Madhubala taken by James Burke in the year 1941.


Madhubala became very famous in the 1950s and soon attracted interest from Hollywood. She has appeared in many American magazines such as Theatre Arts.


She once said, "I am not a spendthrift for the simple reason that I do not know what to spend money on. I do not have a passion for jewellery or clothes. I do not travel. I do not go out much. By god's grace I have all the necessities of life and I'm happy."


The actress undoubtedly resembles Marilyn Monroe in this picture.


"Her smile was simply superb. She moved with the muse and the graces," Ashok Kumar said once about Madhubala.


Madhubala was popularly known as the 'Venus of the Indian screen'.

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Story first published:  Thursday, January 3, 2013, 17:37 [IST]
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