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"I have served food at Tina Ambani's wedding" Rakhi

Published: Monday, September 17, 2007, 14:16 [IST]

By: GR8 Magazine, IndiaFM
Monday, September 17, 2007

“For me he is not Sanjay Dutt, the star he is just another criminal," says Rakhi Sawant in a no-holds-barred interview with GR8 magazine. In hindsight she echoes the sentiments of people who say: “ek din yeh sach tumhe le dubega". But without batting an eyelid, she answers in the same breath, “but if I stop being honest how do I survive? I talk to myself and I try be diplomatic but I cannot do it," the item girl says. She also calls herself a Brand. Purists may like it or not, but this bindaas babe makes a better event (better news rather) than some of the biggest celebrities. It"s time you get to know this child-woman a bit better as she dissects her childhood till it becomes naked. And yes….at the age of ten, Rakhi Sawant was serving food at Tina Ambani"s wedding, while today she owns a plush apartment in an up-market Mumbai suburb. Guys, keep your handkerchief ready…

When I was a child men would scare me with their eyes...
Our Khandaan had orthodox men who would keep women in control and would scare us with their eyes. No standing out in balconies, no beauty parlors, no dancing during Navratris... So I grew up being very angry and decided to break all rules to become a rebel.

I was 11 years old and immediately after coming home an appendix operation, with Zidd I decided to go and play dandia even if they would kill me because my body has started recognising music and rhythm. When I came back home my mother and mama decided to teach me a lesson and cut my long hair into a short crop which looked burnt and when I saw myself in the mirror that night I cried a lot. My mama hit me so badly that my hand had to be stitched and the marks still remain. That very day I decided that even if the entire world is de against me I will do what I want to.

I ask God why you gave me such a family...
I cry a lot since childhood and ask God why did you give me such a family who tortures women and gives freedom to men only? My mother"s only motto in life was to make me earn money. In a chawl system parents don"t allow a girl to go outside and play but when it comes to earning money they allow her to go ahead and do anything. That time they forget the shame and humour to the family. When I was around 10 years of age I was working for a caterer to earn daily wages of 50 rupees and I have served food at Tina Ambani"s wedding.

I don"t want to go back to my childhood even in exchange of diamonds...
I still try to find my childhood somewhere… like a kid I love to eat popcorn, and watch films which is so sad. All these little things I missed doing earlier. Even if someone gives me diamonds to go back to my childhood I won"t!

My career is on an upswing and I have become a brand...
Years back as a newcomer I had no knowledge of anything and while going to meet producers I have worn clothes that girls today wear to go to the disc. That is what I was told to do and I did it because that time I didn"t know that clothes don"t get you work, talent does! Today I am busy doing Hindi films and if get South or Marathi films it is Ok but the role should have dum. I would like to work with Rajnikant. On Television post. Bigg Boss, I have been a judge, done gags and now will be seen dancing in Nach Baliye 3. But I am excited about anchoring a chat show for a new channel in which I will interview celebrities from all walks of life.

I am everything – actor, dancer, performer all in one! Aisi koi bhi khubi nahi hai jo mujh mein nahi hai Apart from being an actor and dancer I am a good human being with a helpful nature. Of course I think I have become a brand and why not after so much of hard work!

Only Abhishek has given me true love...
My bad childhood has made me a less loving person. I am very cut-to-cut and blunt. Even with Abhishek, I am not a romantic person at all whereas he is very romantic. If there is someone on this earth who can cool me down it is him… he makes me laugh.

Many people misinterpret my relationship with Abhishek because they can think only of sex but there is nothing of that sort between us. When I want to relax l sleep and before sleeping if he does not sing me a lori I don"t get sleep. I like Cinderella"s story a lot. 'Papa" that is what I affectionately call Abhishek sings gudiya rani… beetiya rani… pariyon ken naggers se ek din raj kunwarji aayenge… and I instantly fall asleep. The way Abhishek mere sar pa haath ghoomata hai woh haath ghoomata hai woh pyaar mujhe kabhi nahi mila… maa se na baap se… sirf dhitkar mila hai!

I want to make Abhishek a star… he is a better dancer than me in Nach Baliye...
Abhishek has held my hand… for what reason I don"t know? Whether he loves me… I don"t know? But since he is in my custody it becomes my duty to do something for him along with doing something for my mother, brother and sister. I want to establish Abhishek"s career and see him progress in his life. My aim is to make him a star and I am working on that, if after that he wants to leave me I am ok with it but I know he will not leave me and go because he won"t get a girl like me anywhere else. Right now we are very happy and have decided that we will never lie to each other. Me and Abhishek stay together, go out, watch films, go shopping and enjoy our lives now.

He is a great dancer, he dances better then me, and he will be a tough competition for others in Nach Baliye 3! Mera pyaar sirf ek dancer se hee ho sakta tha. Agar muhje koi crazy kar sakta hai to who sirf dancer hi hoga aur kuch nahi!

But I will never get married and have my own babies...
I am not interested in marriage as I don"t want any commitment and I don"t want to have my own kids. I have clearly told Abhishek my intentions and I don"t care if he feels bad about it because I have been honest right from the beginning. I want to devote my life the social causes and if he supports me it"s ok otherwise I will say alvida to him and ask him to many someone else. I have seen so much of trouble in my life but Abhishek has not shared them with me so obviously he will not understand my loss…

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